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The City is currently partnering with Mecklenburg County in contracting Gartner Consulting to assess current operations and develop a future state with a focus on improved customer satisfaction and high-quality, cost effective delivery of development services including planning, permitting, and inspections.

In March 2015, Gartner Consulting submitted its Phase I report with recommendations for improved development services. Subsequently, the City and the County in collaboration with the development community has achieved the following:

(1) established a joint City / County staffed Unified Development Services Committee to review and implement cross jurisdictional initiatives;

(2) initiated gateway checks across City and County to inform customers early in the plan review process of all City and County permitting requirements;

(3) developed a unified vision and shared responsibilities statement for customers and staff;

(4) began the automation of the rezoning process,

(5) developed a permitting business wizard to assist novice customers through the permitting process for commercial projects; and

(6) initiated the implementation of electronic plan submittal for Charlotte Water.

At the June Transportation and Planning Committee, staff provided an update of this work as well as a demonstration of the permitting business wizard.

Gartner Consulting has now submitted its Phase 2 Report with recommendations focusing on developing a future state delivery model. City and County staff has begun the analysis of the Phase II recommendations. Some of the recommendations reiterate Phase I recommendations including gateway checks; the implementation of a business wizard; and electronic plan submittal for Charlotte Water. New recommendations include:

(1) rebranding the names of services;

(2) standardizing the inspection request process;

(3) reviewing the pre-submittal meetings format;

(4) transitioning to a collaborative, concurrent and entirely electronic plan review process;

(5) creation of a single application and submittal point of entry; and

(6) the transition for both the City and County to a First-In, First-Out (FIFO) plan review process. Currently, the City utilizes the FIFO approach for all reviews.

City Staff will continue to provide updates to the Transportation and Planning Committee.

(Source:  City of Charlotte)

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