Membership Benefits 
seat at the table

One representative of your firm will be invited to sit on the Real Estate and Building Industry Coalition (REBIC) Board of Governors, and others who might be interested would be welcome to attend the board meetings and participate in our deliberations and discussions.

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REBIC staff will provide access to research, position papers, reports, draft ordinances, amendments to ordinances, talking points, letters to the editor, testimony and statements on specific issues for your use.

Members will also have access to the "Members Only" side of our website.

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Your firm or company will have the opportunity to participate in presentations of issues to elected officials and their staff and community leaders through organized lobbying efforts. This could encompass letters, telephone conversations, testimony and direct meetings.

improve your business

“REBIC is an essential part of the real estate industry’s success in the Charlotte area. REBIC staff and volunteers are very plugged in to the local and State regulatory agencies/departments and have advanced notice of pending rules or regulations that can negatively impact our industry.” – Bill Daleure, President, Avant-Garde Real Estate Consulting

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